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M6/M8 G2 Lead Free Reflow Oven

M6/M8 G2 is a capable lead free CE certificated reflow oven with 6/8 upper & 6/8 bottom invidual hot air convection zones and 2 cooling zones with chiller, pin chain & mesh belt inline conveyor. with accurate and uniform temperature, it can keep pace with volume production.

● Touch screen and PLC controlling system.

● Upper 6/8 bottom 6/8 individual zones hot air convection.

● Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor.

● conveyor with SMEMA.

● Brand electrical component with CE certificated.

● Max 450mm PCB width capable.

● Heating tunnel: M6/1938mm M8/2673mm.

● Overall length: M6/3571mm M8/4600mm.

M6/M8 G2 Lead Free Reflow Oven Features:

● Streamline shape design make the oven looks great. Touch screen and plc controlling system. It can save 50 groups temperature parameters and provide extra 2 ports for profile testing.

● The software has the functions like, temperature setting and editing, PCB parameter menu, and profile testing, alarms and multi-languages conversion.

● Brand electrical component like Schneider (German) breaker, KETE(Korea) SSR, Omron (Japan) box breaker. Meanwhile the CE certificated blower is specially design for lead-free reflow oven. It runs stable and lower noise.

● Upper zone and hood can be opened by the electrical screw automatically. It is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Electrical pole will hold the upper zone andn cover, even when power is off suddently, the cover will not drop down. It's much safer than the air cylinder holder.

● Specially designed Ni-Cr heater filaments, provide a very quick ramp up time. It takes just 15 minutes from ambient to setting temperature.

● The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which easy for cleans.

● The entire upper and bottom zones are forced air convection; provide great temperature accuracy and uniform.

● Stainless steel mesh belt and pin chain conveyor work together.

● Industrial chiller provides better cooling performance.

M6/M8 G2 Lead Free Reflow Oven Specification:

Machine M6 M8
Heating zones upper 6 zones upper 8 zones
bottom 6 zones bottom 8 zones
Heating tunnel 1938mm 2673mm
Dimension L3571*W1200*H1450 L4600*W1200*H1450
Net weight about 1100Kg about 1300Kg
General power 41KW 53KW
Power consumption Approx.4KW--8KW Approx.5KW--9KW
Rising time 12 minutes 13 minutes
Controlling type Touch screen and PLC
Heating method Fully forced air convection
Temperature controlling PID close-loop control, SSR drive
Temperature range Ambient---350℃
Temperature accuracy ±1 ℃
Temperature uniform ±2 ℃
Cooling 1 cooling zones, industrial chiller for cooling 2 cooling zones, industrial chiller for cooling
Conveyor method Mesh belt and chain conveyor
Conveyor height 900±20mm
Mesh belt width 450mm
Max PCB width 400mm
Width adjustment manual
PCB clearance 30mm
Conveyor direction Left to right
Conveyor speed 0-1000mm/min 0-900mm/min
Hook lift Electrical screw pole
Power supply 380v,3ph,50hz

M6/M8 G2 Lead Free Reflow Oven Includes:

● Lead free reflow oven

● 6/8 independently controlled upper heating zones

● 6/8 independently controlled lower heating zones

● 2 independently controlled cooling zones

● Corrosion-resistant, heatproof, stainless steel heating tunnel

● PID temperature controls for each zone with ±1˚C accuracy

● Mesh belt chain conveyor

● Pin conveyor lubrication

● Colored touch screen panel

● 1 year parts warranty