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UV Curing Machine UVC-502 Series

UV Curing machine UVC-502 series is equipped with 2 groups of quality metal halid lamps which is suitable for conformal coatng material curing.

● 2 groups of metal halid lamps

● Teflon mesh belt conveyor with offline mode UVC-502

● Stainless steel pin chain conveyor with inline mode UVC-502I

● 800mm Curing tunnel

● 400mm PCB width capable

UV Curing Machine UVC-502 Series Features:

● UV system adopt 2 groups of metal halid lamps, each lamp is controlled independently, lamp height is adjustable.

● With aluminium-magnesium alloy reflector, Ultraviolet light can be effectively reflected more than 95%, CF vapor-plated quartz-glass and filtered IR, temperature is effectively reduced.

● Forced air cooling exhausting system is adopted for lamp cooling and to reduce conveying mesh temperature.

● Offline mode UVC-502 with teflon mesh belt is easy for placing mutiple PCBs. Inline mode UVC-502I with stainless steel pin chain conveyor can be easily connected with selective coating machine for Inline production.

● High quality electrical parts are adopted to ensure long service life of machine.

UV Curing Machine UVC-502 Series Specification:

Model UVC -502 UVC-502I
Overall dimension L2000*W665*H1800mm L2000*W790*H1800
Net weight about 400Kg about 470Kg
Power supply 3 phase 380v 50hz 3 phase 380v 50hz
Conveyor speed 0-3000mm/min 0-3000mm/min
General power 12kw 12kw
Curing and controlling system
lamp type metal halid lamp metal halid lamp
lamp number 2 pieces 2 pieces
curing zone length 800mm 800mm
UV lamp 4.8KW 4.8KW
Conveyor system
Conveyor type Teflon mesh belt conveyor Stainless steel pin chain and guide rail conveyor
Conveying height / 900±20mm
Conveying direction Left to right only Left to right only
Max Product height 100mm 100mm
Max Product width 400mm 400mm
Cooling type cooling fan cooling fan
Exhausting volume 28m3/min, connecting pipe diameter: 150mm 28m3/min, connecting pipe diameter: 150mm

UV Curing Machine UVC-502 Series Includes:

Standard configuration:

● UV curing machine UVC-502 series

● USA made SYNNAD CO2 laser head

● Camera system

● 1 year parts warranty


● Metal halid lamp.