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1CLICKSMT Provides Different Type Reflow Oven Machine and Customized Solution
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Power Oven Series

● PC and PLC controlling system

● Windows 10 operation system

● Mesh belt and chain conveyor

● Brand electrical component CE certificated

● Max PCB width: 450mm

● Equipped with flux recovery system

Power Oven Series Specification:

System Item PowerOven-6 PowerOven-8 PowerOven-10
Size and power Dimension(L*W*H)mm 4150*1510*1550 4800*1510*1550 5500*1510*1550
Weight(Kg) 1700 2100 2300
Exhaust volume 10m3/min*3(Channel) 10m3/min*3(Channel) 10m3/min*3(Channel)
Total Power 48KW 60KW 76.5KW
Start Power 24KW 30KW 33KW
Normal Power Consumucion 7.5-10.5KW 10-14KW 11-16KW
Heating System No. of Heating zone Top6/ Bottom6 Top8/ Bottom8 Top10/ Bottom10
Length of heating zone 2050mm 2700mm 3400mm
Warming Time Approx.25min Approx.25min Approx.25min
Temperature Setting Range Room temperature - 300°C
Temperature Control Type PID dosed loop control, SSR driven
Temperature Control Precision ±1°C
Temperature difference in temperature Zones Maximum 40°C
Temperature Deviation on PCB ±2°C
Cooling System No. of cooling zone 2
Cooling Tunnel length 900mm
Conveying System Conveyor Mesh belt + Pin chain
Rail Width Adjust Mode By motor + by Manual
Max. PCB size 450mm 450mm 450mm
Component Height Top 30mm /Bottom 25mm
Conveyor Direction L-R
Conveyor Height 900±20mm
Conveyor Speed 400~1800mm/min
Fixed Rail Side Front rail fixed
Electrical configuration System Power Supply 3P, 380V /50/60HZ, subject to technical agreement
Control System Windows OS Windows 10 English Version

Power Oven Series Includes:

● Lead Free Reflow Oven

● Industrial PC + Windows 10 English operating system

● Automatic lubricating system

● Flux Recovery system

● Cooling system

● UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

● 1 year warranty